The Forgotten Art That Will Improve Your Eyesight

forgotten-art-improve-eyesight-breathingYou do it every day. Thousands of time and you never think about it. Hardly anyone does.

But you should. Because it’s the essence of life.

  • How long can you survive without food? – About 70 days tops.
  • How long can you survive without water? – If you are lucky 5-7 days max.
  • How long can you survive without oxygen? – 5-7 minutes max and you are dead!

Breathing is possibly the most important part of health. Because if you stop, oxygen stops, and you’ve got 7 minutes left.

But why don’t we think about it?

Because it’s an automatic reflex. Nature is smart. She knows we would all die pretty quickly if we had to remember to breathe every few seconds. So she made it an automated reflex.

After all, we are supposed to change our breathing patterns throughout the day. Breathe more relaxed when we chill out. Breathe more intense when we run, hunt, or do any other physical activity.

That would alter the amounts of oxygen we get into our system. It would make sure, we always get the oxygen we need.

But life has changed. Our breathing and oxygen needs were not designed to sit on our behinds in front of screens all day. We were not made to use only our finger muscles day in day out.

Today we must take the time to breathe. And to breathe well. In a way, that relaxes the system and nourishes our cells. Including your eyes, because they need oxygen too.

So one simple breathing technique to make part of your day is this:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Place your hand on your tummy
  3. Breathe through your nose into your belly, so that your hand lifts
  4. Breathe as slowly and as deeply as you can
  5. Exhale as slowly as possible through your mouth making a swish sound

Repeat a breath like that 7 times. Breathe deep and consciously for 7 breaths. And repeat as often as you can throughout the day.

You will soon notice a fundamental shift in your breathing. And with that, a shift in your body posture.

This is one of the simplest types of breathing you can do. In the Pure Vision Method™ we cover more advanced, yet easy-to-do breathing techniques that you can easily add to your life.

They won’t cost you time. They will add time to your life. Because the 5 minutes you invest per day will go a long way.

They will make you more productive, help you to focus, and give you energy all day.

So, you’ll soon get another chance to join the Pure Vision Method™. Stay tuned, as you can see, it’s worth the wait.

So many time-tested, simple ways to improve your eyesight, life, and health that will finally allow you to have energy again. To focus again. And to feel good about yourself again.

Let’s make your eyesight great again!

It’s easy, once you know what to do. So stay tuned.

As usual; let me know how you go with this breathing technique in a comment below…



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How To Improve Eyesight When I Need Glasses Daily?

how-to-improve-eyesight-need-glasses-every-dayThat’s a great question! Let’s face it, most people think they need their glasses to get through their day. Without them, they’d be lost.

So, you can improve your eyesight naturally, even when you need glasses daily. Our client Madhura just fixed here eyesight from -9 to no more glasses. While doing a PhD in research science.

Now, I don’t know about you. I work a lot in front of the computer. Yet I don’t think I come anywhere near the time you need to complete a PhD in research science…

Not just the time you need for the research part… but the time you need for writing and editing the thesis. That’s a ton of work!

So, how did she do it?

The secret is simple; she got rid of her glasses holistically. While improving her energy, self-esteem, and her ability to focus.

With the Pure Vision Method™ you get rid of your root causes for your eye problems step-by-step.

First, you release the root causes from your mind. Then you let go of all the emotional baggage that is causing your eye problems today.

Then you learn how to nourish your body and cells right. Fast and effectively, because nobody has time to waste. Plus, you learn exactly how to get rid of toxicity that is weighing down with sluggishness on your energy right now.

Next, you balance out your body in a way that recharges your batteries. In a way that improves your sleep, and energizes every part of your being.

Lastly, you balance out your eyesight to get rid of your glasses step-by-step. And that’s the key; step-by-step.

In the course, you learn exactly how to orchestrate the steps. If you need them. Because some clients can just get rid of their glasses. Others have to reduce their prescriptions slowly. Because the shock would be too great for their eyes.

And yes, you can get prescriptions cheaply to step down. You also don’t need a new eye test and a new prescription for each pair.

We provide you with all the guidance and resources. So you can just focus on getting rid of your glasses. We did all the hard work for you.

The trick is to reduce your prescriptions steadily and consistently. In a way that you can fit into your life. And we lay all of this out for you systematically.

So, stay tuned for the next opening. Because it’s really like me holding you by the hand every step of the way.

Now, I will turn off the comments for this post. Why?

Because everybody reading this will ask me for their steps. And to guide you effectively, I need to know more about your situation. That’s what the Pure Vision Method™ is for.

It gives me the background information I need to guide every client effectively. Without that information, I can’t guide you. And frankly, that’s reserved for our clients in the course.

So, as I said, stay tuned for the next opportunity to get in!

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Do Your Eyes Have Guts?

gut-health-eye-healthYesterday was not the most inspiring content we shared… but it’s essential to know. So you can stay with good eyesight and even better health. It’s the world we live in…

So today, let’s have a look at an overlooked topic that can really charge your eyesight and health.

You see, the food industry has led us to believe some strange things. We buy stuff that looks like food, but when we read the ingredients list, it sounds like a NASA manual.

Seriously, have you read the ingredients panel of your bread lately?

What does most of the stuff even mean? Sadly, some really nasty things… But, I promised to keep is positive today.

So with the concept of how food should look like, standardized and sparkly shiny, we got the idea that some foods are bad. That some foods are rotten, even though they can be your greatest ally in this crazy world.

I mean fermented foods!

Yes, sauerkraut, kefir, thick milk, and really smelly cheeses made from raw milk! Real yogurt and real, alive fermented vegetables.

When these foods ferment, they build good bacteria. The type that will help your gut to stay healthy. It’s the probiotic bacteria that will build your immune system.

And it’s the probiotic bacteria that will make your digestive system work. And work well…

Yes, it’s the same little bacteria they sell in capsules today. The only difference is that your body actually knows what to do with the food. With the supplements, it may, but it may not.

Many of the probiotic supplements are genetically modified organisms. So you should better stay away from them.

Now, these foods are traditional to all cultures. Every single culture has some traditional food that is fermented. Because it was a way to preserve food and to store it.

The bacteria eat the sugar that would spoil the food. And the environment preserves the food.

So, if you went to a health food store lately, you can see that they sell many of these products for horrendous amounts of money. Seriously, a little bag of alive sauerkraut for like $12…

Just do this:

  1. buy an organic cabbage
  2. run it through your food processor with the slicing attachment (to cut really thin slices)
  3. mix it in a bowl with a couple of teaspoons of sugar and salt (you may use your hands to mix…)
  4. stuff it into a large pot
  5. push it down strongly with a spoon, so the cabbage gets a bit mashed

=> now cover it with a plate and rest a jar with water on the plate to create some pressure on the cabbage.

Let is stand for 24 – 48 hours. And voila, you have alive, organic sauerkraut!

Once you got the basic version down, try to add some carrot pieces. Or some dill, or other herbs you like.

Balance the salt and sugar for taste and bacterial growth.

Now add this to your salads and meals. Your gut will thank you. And so will your eyes. Because there is a direct connection between your gut, your colon, and your eyesight.

So, if your gut is full of s***, your eyesight is s*** too… yes, I know, that’s gross, but it’s true!!

So go, get a cabbage and start chopping!

As usual, we are just scratching the tiniest bit of surface here to what we cover in the Pure Vision Method™. Stay tuned for the next opening…

As you can see, this is a total makeover for your eyesight, life, and health!

Stay tuned, and leave us a comment below… how did your sauerkraut turn out?



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70,000 & Counting – The Effects On Your Eyesight & Health

toxicity-eye-healthIn 1914, the world has changed. The year not only marks the beginning of WWI. It also marks the rise of chemical companies.

Because it is the first war that saw chemical weapons to kill thousands of soldiers at a time. And the companies making them began to flourish. Many of them are still around today. They just don’t make weapons anymore.

When the war came to an end in 1918, these companies had to shift gear. Nobody was going to buy their mustard gas any longer. The war was over.

But some genius had a brilliant idea; if these gases killed people by the drones, they probably also kill insects. And industrialized farming had a problem with pests.

So pesticides were born!

Since then more and more chemicals have been invented. Some to make our life convenient, others to spray on the food. But mostly, because making them out of nothing is a very profitable business.

Fast forward to the 21st century…

We have 10,000 chemical ingredients in food alone. Not just what they spray on it. But also what they add to give the illusion of food.

And we have over 70,000 synthetic chemicals floating around in our environment. They are in the food, water, air, they are everywhere.

The main herbicide of industrial agriculture, glucosamine, is classified as cancer-causing by a UN laboratory in France. Sure, the French are pedantic, but it’s the UN calling the main stuff they spray on conventional food cancer-causing. Have we gone too far?

For your eyesight, for sure!

Because all of these chemicals need to get out of your body. If not, well, you won’t live long… these are small dosages, but they add up by now. And they accumulate in your tissue.

And that’s where your liver comes in. It’s the organ that has to get rid of all of this stuff. It’s your detox organ.

Your eyes are connected to your liver through the energy pathway of the liver. The energy pathway of the liver opens into your eyes. Meaning that when your liver uses more energy that it’s supposed to, your eyesight doesn’t get enough.

These are the energetics of holistic health. And trust me, if you don’t live a detoxifying lifestyle today, your liver is working overtime for sure.

And when your liver can’t handle all the toxicity anymore, your kidney has to jump in to keep your body working. Normally, cleansing is not the kidney’s job. But way too often it has to come to the rescue by now.

And that’s your life energy. That’s your drive. The kidneys are your courage. It’s your confidence. Your self-esteem. And it’s your pride!

You see all the things that are missing in your life today…

But there is hope! That’s exactly why we teach holistic eye health in the Pure Vision Method™. There are ways to minimize the impact of this chemical attack on the body. And it can be surprisingly simple.

You have to attend that area of your life. Not just for your eyesight, but for your life.

Because all bad diseases people die from today come done to this. And it’s not happening over night. It’s a slow process where the body starts to get too toxic over time.

So you have to detox to get everything that’s there right now out. Then you have to start living a detoxifying lifestyle. So all the stuff gets moved out on a daily basis.

Again, we cover all of this in depth in the Pure Vision Method™. It takes up two full modules, so it’s a big area of your eyesight and health to address.

I know, it’s not a very upbeat topic. But it’s a very important one. And somebody has to wake you up to the fact that you need to pay attention.

So, let me know if you have any questions in a comment below…

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3 Essential Tips For Choosing Sunglasses

3-essential-sunglass-tipsLast week we had a conversation about UV rays and your eye health. To recap, we discussed that it’s important to protect your eyes during the dangerous sun hours of the day.

But, we also discussed how important to get direct sunlight into your eyes for some time during the day.

Yet, there are also those hours when sunglasses just make life easier. Sure, you need them for protection. Yet in other cases, it’s just about comfort. Like driving in the sun. Or sitting on the lake having a cup of tea overlooking the ducks.

Either way, you should choose sunglasses that offer the best protection for all the hours you need to protect your eye health. So here are 3 tips you should really look out for.

1. UV Protection:

Great sunglasses should be verified to filter out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. If you can find a rating for UVC as well, get it as high as possible. I suspect UVC’s will gain in popularity over the next few years.

Because UVC rays are on the rise with everything that’s going on in the environment.

But let’s not get political. Just make sure your sunglasses will filter out all of them out as much as possible. And make sure that this has been tested.

$10 sunglasses on the streets may have the sticker. They may look the part. But chances are they have never been tested for their UV filter effectivity.

2. Get Polarized Glasses:

Yes, they are in fact better. Because they reduce glare. So this is especially important for that cup of tea next to the lake. Overlooking the ducks with the sun reflecting on the lake.

Polarized glasses are even more important when you spend a lot of time near the water. Or if you are fond of skiing and the snow. In both cases, they will help a lot with the glare and the effect the glare has on your eyesight.

Plus, in traffic, polarized sunglasses just make your life easier. Because they reduce the glare. Not just on all the windows. But also after the rain when the sun comes out you have an easier time staying safe.

3. The Darkness:

Medium darkness is best. Too dark makes it too hard to see. You will have to strain too much too often. Plus, it just messes with your mood.

And if you know anything about what we do, your mood and your emotions heavily affect your eyesight. So sunglasses that are too dark mess with your state.

Too bright, on the other hand, is also not great. It means you still get way too much light into your eyes. That will make your life unnecessarily hard. Especially in traffic, near the water, or in the snow.

So make sure you get a good shade of darkness. One that’s not dimming your light too much. But that is dark enough to keep you safe and relaxed, even in bright sun after a strong rain.

Have any questions? Leave us a comment below…

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Magic or Fairytale? Does This Herb Improve Eyesight?

bilberry-improves-eyesight-nightvision (1)

Let’s have a look into a little, dark purple berry. Legend has it that British soldiers ate the jam during WWII. And with that jam, their night vision improved…

Cute story… but knowing holistic eyesight, probably not true… because the sugar in the jam would cause a serious sugar crash… and with that the liver has to work overtime to get rid of it…

Plus, boiling any berry to death is going to kill all the antioxidants. And the antioxidant content is what this little berry is hailed from.

So, in case you haven’t heard of it, we are talking about Bilberry.

A relative of the cranberry and the American blueberry. It almost looks like a blue berry, just with dark purple flesh. And that dark purple gives away the higher antioxidant content.

It has been used to help with inflammation and diarreha in Germany for centuries. And in recent years, it’s making waves because of the supposed effects on nightvision.

But the traditional German use shows where the positive effects on eyesight are coming from. Bilberry has a high anti-inflammatory effect. Most eye conditions and diseases have a strong inflammatory component.

In fact, a study in 1996 confirmed that inflammation in the eye caused eye problems. And many eye conditions come with, or as a results of, oxidative inflammation. So taking a herbal supplement high in antioxidants to fight the oxidative damage makes sense.

Plus, if it reduces the inflammation at the same time, the better.

Bilberry also has a positive effect on the blood. The lifestyle of the 21st century is acidifying. Meaning it causes blood cells to stick together. So blood moves slower through the veins.

Therefore oxygen doesn’t travel well through the body.

Bilberry stops that clogging up. Which helps to deliver oxygen throughout the system.

So, is Bilberry worth as supplement?

That depends on the quality! In the roam of supplements, cheap means low quality. But expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good quality…

So, you need to source a high quality, organic, strength verified product. Otherwise, it’ll be full of chemical herbicides and pesticides. They do more damage than good to your eyesight and health.

Of course the benefits are ridiculed by the ophthalmic industry… because anything that could have a benefit to your eyesight that doesn’t include glasses, contacts, or slicing up your eyes is ridiculed…

Some sources suggest to eat local blueberries or blackberries instead.

That could be an alterntaive. But you must make sure they are organically grown. Otherwise, they are strayed to death. These are two of the most sprayed fruits.

So, if it’s not organic, stay away.

Plus, with a Bilberry extract, you get a fortified strength of the helpful active ingredients. WIth blueberries, you have to eat a lot of berries to get the same amount. Plus, you have to be sure that your body is able to absorb the nutrients.

So, Bilberry is really a case of; if you need support, a high quality, organic, strength verified supplement maybe really helpful.

But of course, a supplement will not undo the lack of healthy balanced diet. Thus, if you use a supplement, make sure your diet also reflects your need to improve your health.

And yes, you guessed it, we discuss all of this in depth in the Pure Vision Method™. So stay tuned for the next opening!

Let me know what you think… comment below!

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Possibly The Weirdest Way To Improve Eyesight


Remember that meditation is good for your eyes? That the effect meditation on your brain is beneficial for your eyesight and health? That slowing down the mind is incredibly valueable for your entire being?

Last week, I had an alternative for you. Because sitting still to meditate for 15 – 20 minutes may be too much for you… that alternative was coloring-in!

Yes! And if you thought that was a funny alternative, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Today we have another activity for you that will have the same effect on your brain. Slowing it down, helping you to relax. Helping you to build up defences against stress and all the negative health impact that comes with it.

It’s a simple activity that may be the reason why some of our grandmothers lived so long and had so much patience…

Remember your grandmother. The patient, kind, loving woman. The one that loved to sit in a rocking chair…

What did she like to do?


Yes, research has uncovered that knitting will help your mind to slow down. It has huge health benefits for your brain, body, and eyesight. It will help you to build up a wall that let’s stress just bounce right off you.

So, if it’s too hard for you to sit on you butt. If it’s too hard for you to try to slow down your mind for just a few minutes per day… then stock up on some knitting gear and make yourself a new sweater for winter.

Don’t know how to do it?

Bad excuse in the 21st century… that’s why god invented YouTube… so you have no excuses left!

Just search for what you want to know… here, I did a search for you already! Enjoy:

Now, go to Amazon and check out some knitting beginners kits. It will also make a perfect present for anyone else you know who is too stressed out and can’t control their temper…

Give us feedback in a comment below…

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Are You Shielding Your Eyes?


We live in a world of electro smog. Waves we can’t see all around us. When you check your WIFI antenna on your computer, how many networks do you see?

Sure, they are all locked. But their waves are still affecting you!

The ramifications are huge. Especially for people sensitive to EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies). And the dangers are well known.

Symptoms include:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Problems (like rashes and burning sensations)
  • Muscles Aches & Pains
  • Foggy Thinking
  • Depression

… and various cancers, like breast cancer, Leukemia, and others.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is warning. And the German government is advising their citizens to avoid WIFI at home. They suggest sticking to good old cable.

And for your eyes?

EMF’s cause irritation and inflammation. Plus, they are a major cause for stress and joint issues, which also affect your eyesight.

So, what are we supposed to do? We are forced to work in environments full of EMF’s. We live within the vicinity of cell towers. And your neighbours are not going to turn their WIFI off, just because you ask…

Plus, this technology is darn convenient…

There is good news! The problem caused by EMF exposure is similar to what old TV’s had when the earth was not connected. Everything got foggy and snowy.

To fix that on an old TV, you just had to connect the earth. Also known as ‘shield’ or ‘ground’… and the same applies to your body!

Literally, all you have to do is connect to the Earth’s shield. With that, EMF exposure will just get discharged into the ground. So the electrical static build-up gets instantly released.

So, how do you do it?

  1. go to the park, beach, or forest. Walk barefoot on grass, sand, or soil. You’ll instant connect to the shield of the earth.

    With that, you’ll discharge static build-up in your body. Plus, you’ll become part of the Earth’s shield and reject EMF exposure. It’ll bounce off your body, without effect.

  2. if you can, swim in a lake or the ocean. That’s even more powerful.
  3. at work and at home; get grounding mats and beddings. The concept is very simple…

You place your bare feet or body on a mat or bedsheet that is connected to the ground of your house. In effect, it’ll be just like walking barefoot on grass in the park.

You will discharge and static build up. Plus, the EMF exposure won’t do damage to your body. The waves just bounce off because you are part of the Earth’s shield.

You’ll reduce a ton of inflammation. Remember, inflammation causes eye problems. So reducing the stress and inflammation will do wonders for your eyesight and health.

Have experience with earthing? Tell us about it in a comment below 🙂



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The Ultimate Guide To Keep Your Eyes Sun-Safe


When you go to the beach, or spend a whole day out in the sun, chances are you put on sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn. Do you put some in your eyes too?

Of course not. And you shouldn’t. Yet over 50% of Americans don’t wear sunglasses. That’s a pretty high percentage. Because if you don’t manage UV rays well, they can really damage to your eyesight.

If your eyes don’t get enough sun exposure, it’s not healthy either… so what do you do?

  1. Make sure you protect your eyes in the most important hours. Use sunglasses between 11am and 2.30pm. That’s the time of the day when UV is the strongest and can really burn.

    You see, our family never uses sunscreen. And we never get sunburned. Because we avoid these hours like the plague. Our kids literally never had sunscreen. They never had a sunburn either. So it’s a good practice for your eyes too.

  2. To nourish your eyes, don’t wear sunglasses until 10am. That morning sun is really good for your eyesight. It nourishes your cornea.

    After 4pm, take them sunnies off again! Again, it’s great sun to nourish your eyes with.

  3. Don’t look directly into the sun without protection. Only ever do that when half of the sun is covered behind the horizon.

    In other words; only ever look at the sun directly without protection during the first half of sunrise, and the second half of sunset. Ever!! It’s really bad for your cone cells if you do!

    But sunrise and sunset are amazing for your eye health. Get some of that!

  4. Invest in a great pair of sunglasses. With glass lenses and proper UV protection.

    It’s not about fashion (although it can be)! It’s about maintaining your eye health. That’s way more important than looking good. It’ll be the difference between seeing well or not.

    But they make good looking ones with glass lenses too. You just have to dig a bit more.

  5. Eat more green leafy vegetables. They are high in lutein. Lutein acts like a blue light filter in your macular. It will protect your light sensitivity.
  6. Stop Smoking… seriously, it’s the 21st century! Smoking is so 1950… well, I did it in the 1990’s, but seriously… it’s time to stop!

    We can’t pretend that we don’t know the health damage anymore. Plus, smoking really affects your eye health.

  7. For the elderly; if you are above 65, be more careful! But keep nourishing your eyes during the morning hours and the later afternoon. Don’t be afraid of the sun, be careful!

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be fine! Nothing more to do…

I’m not for all this “get tested regularly” because of sunlight… they’ll probably just give you glasses, eye drops, or something because you are there at the test…

Just be sun-smart!

But don’t buy into that ridiculous “sun fear mongering”… it’s way overrated!

Today research shows that too little sunlight causes skin cancer, not too much. So just be smart. Don’t listen to all the hype!

Better avoid the dangerous sun and nourish your eyes and skin than burning chemicals right into it… no traditional culture has spent time outside in the lunchtime sun…

This a modern phenomena of “sun baking” is just stupid… sorry, if I offend you there!

You know the “siesta”? That’s a way to avoid lunchtime sun. It ensures you only get out in the healthy, safe sun. That’s why so many cultures from sunny areas practice it.

Only Westerners travel to the beach and bake all day over lunch. Nobody that grows up with the sun would do that. It’s just not necessary. It’s dangerous!

So, what’s your experience? Let me know in a comment below…





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The History of Astigmatism

I just posted a long article about the Definition of Astigmatism. What’s amazing is the history of it.

I had no idea where it came from… for how long people were describing the symptoms of astigmatism… and that an astronomer came up with the first lens to correct it…

It’s amazing that it wasn’t eye doctors coming up with glasses and lenses… makes you wonder what “eye specialists” really specialize in… prescribing crutches?

The biggest specialty – fashion advice. Profession – selling the damn things… it’s mind boggling that physicists and astronomers came up with the most popular tool to correct eyesight…

Anyways, you can check it out here. It’s a good read.

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